Easily collect information

Gather all the information you need to start the on-boarding process when your clients provide their details via a simple online form. These Intake forms give you a convenient and user-friendly way to accurately collect your clients’ information.

Import client details directly into LEAP

LEAP lets you easily import client details collected via an intake form directly into a matter so you can get to work faster.

Reduce time spent gathering information about your clients, and give them the ability to submit all their details through your Web Portal

Reliability of information

Clients have complete control over what information they provide - so you can be sure that the supplied information is accurate, and as such you reduce the error associated with manually entering your clients’ information.

Provide exceptional client service

Clients can provide their details directly through your Web Portal, giving you more time to have meaningful conversations with clients during scheduled appointments, and spend less time tending to formalities.

These secure services are provided by the LEAP Web Portal, an Exclusive Integration with LEAP.

Legal Intake Forms