Time recording

LEAP includes the LEAP Timesheet, provides you with all relevant information about a matter as you are recording your activity, including financial summary of the matter, the most recent activity on the file (particularly useful when teams are working on a matter), daily, weekly and monthly performance indicators and, of course every entry made and whether or not it is billed or unbilled.

The ability to find a matter immediately, start and stop the timer accurately and record time before a new matter has even been opened means you can record all daily activity on files with unequalled accuracy.

If that’s not enough, customised Task Codes can be set to be automatically recorded in the matter Timesheet. Autotext and spell checking will eliminate millions of keystrokes per year and allow you to create accurate data for your bills as you work – no more duplication!

Time recording - LEAP Legal Software

Automated legal forms

LEAP includes all the legal forms needed to conduct your business and related matters. If you need a form and cannot find it in LEAP, please ask us and we will do our level best to locate it and automate it for you.

Contract for Sale of Business: Balanced document not favouring vendor or purchaser, the Uniform Contract for Sale of Business has been produced for use in all states. The contract provides for vendor’s covenantors and purchaser’s guarantor as well as variables including special conditions. The Uniform Contract for Sale and Business is suitable for most business sales including franchises.

LEAP ASIC Forms: A suite of over 201 Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) legal forms, including Applications, Notices, Statements, Records and Variations.

LEAP Business Structures and Name Forms: All Legal forms for Business Structures and Names including applications, statements and authorisations for NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, ACT and WA.

Intellectual Property Forms: More than 70 forms for trademark, patent and other intellectual property matters, including Applications, Requests, Statements, Payment Forms and Notices.

AFSA Forms: A suite of more than 20 up-to-date forms for AFSA, including Applications, Notices, Statements, Debtors Petition, Declarations, Resolutions, Proof of Debt, Bankruptcy Notice.

View all automated legal forms available to LEAP clients

Automated legal forms - LEAP Legal Software

Integrated searching and settlement ordering

Thanks to our exclusive integrated searching partnership with InfoTrack, when you need to order an ASIC, PPSA or other business or property search, you can order your searches within LEAP. All your searches will automatically be saved to your electronic matter and the cost assigned to that matter’s ledger.

To save you time, eliminate duplication of data and costly data input errors, information from your matters is automatically pre-filled into the search when orders are placed from within LEAP.

The comprehensive InfoTrack search services allow you to quickly place your orders across multiple agencies and for multiple services at the same time. Instead of paying multiple suppliers, you just pay one supplier and InfoTrack pays all the agencies on your behalf.

LEAP offers you the most convenient way to manage your searches! In a single workflow, all document handling and filing and bookkeeping entries are completed for you.

Integrated searching and settlement ordering - LEAP Legal Software