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Schedule a free demonstration of LEAP at a time that’s convenient to you. When you book a demo, you’ll be personally contacted by a LEAP Product Consultant in your state. Your Consultant will tailor your demonstration to your practice areas while showing you how LEAP’s features can increase your productivity and let you work with flexibility.

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Data transition

LEAP provides an industry-leading data migration service. In Australia alone, LEAP has transitioned data from over 1,500 Australian law firms from over 25 different software systems. Once you make the switch to LEAP, our experienced team will streamline the transition from your existing system to our cloud-based practice management solution.

Each data transition is unique. The type of transition that is performed is largely dependent on how your data is currently stored. Our dedicated Transitions team can migrate data from other practice management systems or Microsoft Excel. With multiple transition options available to suit your data, your firm can be up and running with LEAP within just seven business days from the time of data collection.

LEAP will support you through each step of your transition:

  • You’ll receive an initial consultation with your own Transitions Coach who will explain the data migration process to you and arrange a data collection date.
  • We’ll run a pre-transition check to ensure your data is accurate, complete and consistent.
  • When we collect your data we’ll review the integrity of your matters as well as client and staff details.
  • Once we’ve reviewed the transition of your data to LEAP, we’ll notify the Installations team to proceed.

Installation & training

Once your data has been successfully transitioned to LEAP, your dedicated Implementation Consultant will take you through your installation and training. During this stage, your consultant will be on hand to answer questions and show you how to use LEAP’s features, specific to your areas of practice.

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A successful law firm

LEAP gives you everything you need to run a successful law firm. Following your installation and training, you’ll receive ongoing support from the LEAP team. With an Australian-based HelpDesk and an extensive library of online resources, LEAP will be there to help you do more of what you love - practise!

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Start a law firm

If you’re considering starting your own practice, LEAP’s 10 Step Guide to Starting a Law Firm is the perfect starting point. Written for legal entrepreneurs, this guide will prompt you to think strategically about how you will run a successful law firm.

Covering areas such as firm structure, implementing billing cycles and establishing a client base, the guide will provide you with the tools and confidence to start a law firm.


What our clients say

"The transition was seamless. The account was opened, I did some training with my fantastic trainer and it was brilliant. We opened the doors two days later and started taking on new clients."
"From the beginning we had a consultant who trained us and set up our trust system. They ensured we had proper letterheads and all our bank details were set up. LEAP also provide ongoing support - so when we need something, we are always sure to get a swift response."