Practice Management Software for Litigation Matters



Pre-configured litigation Matter Type input screens

LEAP includes litigation-specific Matter Types developed alongside litigation specialists over the past 20 years. The following matter types are available in LEAP:

NSW - Local Court litigation, debt recovery (Local Court), District Court litigation and appeal, Supreme Court litigation and appeal and apprehended violence order.

Federal - Federal Court litigation, High Court general and appeal, Intervention Order and personal injury.

Everything you need to complete a litigation matter

  • Forms and letters automatically pre-filled with information entered into the LEAP matter to reduce the chance of error.
  • In-built time recording allows you to automatically record time spent on e-mails, documents and calls.
  • Secure document sharing with Law Connect.
  • Complex calculations effortlessly created in LEAP based on matter details for forms like a Statement of Claim.
  • Securely share confidential documents or bank statements with clients with LawConnect.
  • Easily access documents and correspondence at court with the LEAP Mobile App.

Automated legal forms

LEAP contains all the legal forms you need to conduct a litigation matter. To boost efficiency, forms are automatically populated with the details recorded in your LEAP matter.

LEAP includes the following legal forms: Administrative Appeals Tribunal Forms 14, Children’s Court Forms 17, County and Supreme Court Forms 242, Debt Collection 25, Federal Circuit Court Forms 70, Federal Court Forms 199, High Court Forms 29, Local Court Forms 121 and Service and Execution of Process Forms 8.

Quick Costs Calculator

LEAP’s in-built Quick Costs Calculator lets you easily provide clients or potential clients with an estimation of potential interest for their matter. This figure can be quickly generated without the need to create a dedicated LEAP matter.