Create professional emails

LEAP seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook. LEAP merges client details with your email system to create professional correspondence, ensuring every email sent from your electronic matter is standardised.

Supports collaborative working

Every email, including emails sent and received from multiple staff accounts, is automatically saved into the relevant electronic matter allowing all staff access to the most current email correspondence.

Record your time

Automatically record your time spent on emails and transform this administrative work to billable time. You can record time and work on your emails simultaneously.

LEAP Integrates Seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook

Access all your matter information electronically on any device.

Automatically save emails

LEAP automatically saves your emails to the corresponding matter giving you peace of mind that all your outgoing and incoming emails are stored securely and easily retrieved.

Manage your emails from the palm of your hand

With LEAP Mobile, all email correspondence completed on your smartphone is automatically saved back into your electronic matter within LEAP.

Organise your correspondence

Easily organise and filter correspondence directly from a matter with dedicated correspondence labels. Take advantage of labels that allow you to quickly identify e-mails that have been sent or received and documents that have been shared or viewed.

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