Legal Software - Time Recording

Track every minute

LEAP provides a range of time recording tools to quickly and easily record all your billable time whether you are in the office or on the go. Once you’ve created a matter you can record time or fees in real time or retrospectively.

LEAP can automatically record time in the background whether you’re reading emails, working on documents, creating appointments, setting tasks or taking telephone calls.

Set and track budgets

Set staff budgets for each fee-earner to keep track of daily, weekly and monthly totals. Budgets can be set to include both billable hours and billable amounts per day. Fee-earners can easily check their progress in real time directly from the LEAP timesheet. Staff budget performance can be easily reported on using the comprehensive reporting function available in LEAP.

Record by time or fee and easily track budget performance directly from the in-built timesheet.

Time, save and close

With a single click you can instantly record time. LEAP can record time in the background while you make file notes, write e-mails and draft documents. Once you’ve finished a task, the document is automatically saved to the corresponding matter and the time entry is instantly recorded on the timesheet.

Available on iOS and Android

With the LEAP Mobile Application you can create, edit and view time entries and fixed fees, use voice recognition to dictate your time entries and automatically record time on outgoing phone calls. All time entries automatically synchronise to your desktop timesheet.

Time Save and Close Feature with LEAPs Integration with Microsoft Office

Record time and fees with Alexa

Effortlessly record time and create fees with integration between Amazon Alexa and LEAP Assistant, the voice-driven integration that allows you to use LEAP with only your voice. Use Alexa to create matter-specific time and fee entries without a PC or a single click.