Practice Management Software for Conveyancers



Pre-configured Conveyancing Matter Types

Developed by conveyancing specialists, Conveyancing Matter Types provide all fields necessary to capture pertinent information. This information is used to generate documents with pre-filled client and matter information.

LEAP includes the following conveyancing Matter Types: proposed sale, sale, purchase, lease, transfer, subdivision, mortgage and sale of deceased estate.

Everything you need to complete a conveyancing matter

  • Pre-configured matter types for all common conveyancing matters.
  • Automated legal forms pre-filled with your client and matter details to reduce manual data entry.
  • Easily order searches using existing LEAP matter details with integrated searching and settlement services provided by InfoTrack.
  • Integration with PEXA and Sympli accessible from LEAP.
  • In-built time recording and customisable task codes for fixed fee entries makes billing easy.
  • Effortlessly complete complex calculations in LEAP based on matter details.
  • Share documents and access matter details, client information and correspondence with the LEAP Mobile App.

Automated legal forms

LEAP contains all the legal forms you need to conduct a property or conveyancing matter. To boost efficiency, forms are automatically populated with the details recorded in your LEAP matter.

LEAP provides over 300 up-to-date legal forms that cover all aspects of conveyancing, including our sophisticated Settlement Statements, Adjustment Sheets and Statement of Adjustments.

Integrated searching and settlement services

Exclusive integration with search partner, InfoTrack, means you can order searches directly from LEAP. Search orders are automatically pre-filled based on matter details and saved back to the matter with the cost assigned to that matter’s ledger.

Comprehensive InfoTrack searching services allow you to quickly place orders across multiple agencies and for multiple services at the same time. Instead of paying multiple suppliers, you just pay one supplier and InfoTrack pays all the agencies on your behalf.