APR 2020

Microsoft Teams integration

LEAP and Microsoft Teams integration makes it easy to collaborate with your team from any location. Share and collaborate on documents and matters, conduct audio or video calls with your team and schedule client callbacks directly from LEAP using Microsoft Teams' instant messaging service.

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APR 2020

FaceTime video calling

Video call clients from your iOS device with the new LEAP and FaceTime integration. Take advantage of face-to-face meetings from any location with the ability to send FaceTime invitations from the LEAP Mobile. With the option to automatically record time spent on FaceTime calls made through the LEAP Mobile App, all time entries are accounted for.

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MAR 2020

24/7 installation support

To help out clients transition to working from home, we implemented around the clock support to assist with installing and setting up LEAP on home computers. Our HelpDesk was made available on a 24/7 basis so our clients could get up and running from their homes without delay.

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MAR 2020

Alerts and notifications pane

Easily view a quick snapshot of what’s new in a matter so you can stay on top of incoming work. The new alerts and notifications pane ensures you’ll never miss an appointment, payment search or task.

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DEC 2019

Introducing LEAP 2x

LEAP 2x is one of the most innovative updates our software has seen. With this release, you’ll find a new look and exciting range of new features to enhance your productivity and efficiency. With a smoother experience in Windows and enhancements to accounting, documents, quick links and more, there is truly something exciting for everyone in this release.

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NOV 2019


Track, manage and report on prospective clients and their enquiries from any location. With a dedicated dashboard, the LEAP CRM allows for easy management of prospective clients from first enquiry to initiating a matter in LEAP. Once you have assessed an enquiry you can instantly create a card in LEAP using the enquiry information.

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NOV 2019

Record time and fees with Amazon Alexa

Record time and create fees with integration between Amazon Alexa and LEAP Assistant, the voice-driven integration that allows you to use LEAP with only your voice. Take advantage of the ability to create matter-specific time and fee entries without a single click.

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SEP 2019

Record activities using your Apple and
Android Watch

Easily record billable time on the go using an Apple or Android Watch. Quickly start, stop and save entries with the flick of a wrist. You will receive a LEAP notification on your mobile in order to complete all entries.

MAY 2019

Voice Memos

Work anywhere, anytime when you record and save voice memos directly to the correspondence section of a LEAP matter from your iPhone. Easily replay and review recordings from either your iPhone or desktop computer at a later time.

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Create a New Matter on Mobile

JAN 2019

Create a new matter while working on the go or meeting with clients. With the LEAP mobile app for iOS devices, you can select the matter type as well as enter matter and client details without needing to return to the office.

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Two-Factor Authentication

NOV 2018

Rest assured that your data is safe with two-factor authentication (2FA). Even if your password is compromised, your data will remain secure with secondary verification required by the LEAP mobile app.

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Comment & Reply on Shared Documents

NOV 2018

Easily and securely collaborate on documents with colleagues or clients via LawConnect. Add comments to documents and suggest changes without the need to keep track of multiple document versions or e-mail correspondence.

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AUG 2018

RapidPay Instalment Plans

Get paid on time by offering clients instalment plans. Set up monthly or fortnightly instalments to take payment for future work, or to help clients pay off outstanding matter balances.

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By Lawyers

AUG 2018
  • Client details and VOI
  • By Lawyers alerts – all states
  • Estates – new precedents
  • See 20 more updates
MAY 2018

Staff Licence Management

Manage and edit your LEAP user licences with ease when you update staff details and permissions directly from LEAP. Staff can also change their own passwords from LEAP.

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FEB 2018

Electronic Signatures

Request electronic signatures (eSignatures) using LawConnect and DocuSign for Cost Agreements in Guides & Precedents.

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SEP 2017

Document Compare

Compare two documents in a single matter, across multiple matters or from outside LEAP to view changes made across various versions.

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MAY 2017


Make it easier for your clients to pay you when you accept online payments through your website using credit card, EFT and BPAY. Get paid the same day with automatic bank reconciliation.

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JAN 2017

Time, Save & Close

Capture time more easily with Time, Save and Close. With a single tap, you can instantly record time against your timesheet and have documents or correspondence saved directly to your matter.

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