Legal Document Customisation

Document Customisation Engine

While LEAP provides over 30,000 automated documents globally, your firm also has the option of creating its own customised and automated documents using the LEAP Document Customisation Engine. The Document Customisation Engine is embedded in LEAP for use in creating precedents and documents in Word, Outlook and Excel that automatically populate with relevant matter, client or accounting information in LEAP. This state-of-the-art technology can be used to quickly create customised documents by non-programmers for firm-wide use, removing the need to manually re-key data.

Customising and automating your firm’s documents

LEAP takes document automation software one step further with the combination of the LEAP Document Customisation Engine alongside the suite of Office 365 products to allow you to select from over 20,000 pre-configured data fields or create your own custom fields within your documents and precedents. These fields allow your documents to be easily populated with information already entered in LEAP.

As part of the automation process, advanced calculations that utilise LEAP matter information can be added, including plurality, verb tense, number of parties and mathematical equations. The in-built question tool also allows you to collect data in an interview style at the time of creating a document. Answers to these questions will inform the following questions and the content of the document or precedent. Fields that require placement of an eSignature can also be added.

Save time and avoid re-keying data by automating your firm’s precedents with LEAP’s in-built Document Customisation Engine.

Learning to use the Document Customisation Engine

The Document Customisation Engine is remarkably easy to use, allowing non-programmers such as paralegals to easily create customised documents and precedents for your firm. The automation environment is deeply integrated with Office 365, making it easy for users familiar with Word, Outlook and Excel to learn the skills necessary to create customised and automated precedents.

LEAP consultants provide training on how to use the Document Customisation Engine and step-by-step videos and support resources are also available on demand. If you have staff members skilled in JavaScript, they can create even more sophisticated customisations using the Document Customisation Engine.

Document Customisation Certification

This program has been designed by LEAP to train legal professionals on how to use the latest in technology to rapidly automate your firm’s precedents and modify existing precedents in LEAP. Staff who undertake the program will attain certification, enhancing their value and giving your firm the opportunity to standardise its document production. More than this, you will be able to build a library of your bespoke precedents that will provide your firm with enduring intellectual property beyond your current people.

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