Increase annual revenue by 30% or more

LEAP’s cloud-based solution gives you everything you need to increase your firm’s productivity. With multiple ways to record time and fixed fee work as well as user-friendly billing options, LEAP makes it easy to increase your firm’s revenue.

Plus, dedicated training and coaching ensures that your staff can make the most of the ever-evolving productivity capabilities LEAP has to offer. Take advantage of tools that will help you measure your performance, make improvements and attain a 30% increase in your firm’s annual revenue.


Manage your firm from anywhere

Easily manage your firm from any location, whether you and your staff are working remotely or across multiple offices. Available on desktop, iOS and Android, you can have the freedom to work anywhere, at any time.

Collaborate with your team in real time with Microsoft Teams and Zoom integration, view fee earner and firm overview reports as well as up-to-date accounting and billing information for your firm’s offices or remote-working teams. LEAP’s user-friendly, cloud-based solution makes it easy to oversee your firm’s day-to-day activities.

More than 8,000 firms use LEAP and more than 300 of these have 50+ users


Time-saving automation

LEAP’s comprehensive library of up-to-date legal content, combined with the ability to automate your firm’s own precedents using the in-built Document Customisation Engine ensures your firm will always have a standard method for creating documents.

The embedded Document Customisation Engine is instantly accessible from a Word document, allowing non-programmers such as paralegals to quickly develop highly customised documents with dedicated precedent customisation training from LEAP.


Never miss a minute

Advanced time recording tools ensure you’ll never miss a minute of billable time. Available on desktop, iOS, Android and Amazon Alexa, you can record time from anywhere.

The dedicated 'time, save and close' feature also allows you to record time in the background while you work in Outlook and Word. Once you’ve finished, the documents and emails are automatically saved to the corresponding matter and the time entry is instantly recorded on the timesheet, eliminating the risk of under-billing owing to forgotten or inaccurate time entries.

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Simplify your IT

Whether you’re managing a growing law firm, multiple offices or working remotely, the Simplify your IT guide will show you how you can reduce your IT expenses, remove the need for on-site servers and give your staff the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time.

Download your complimentary copy of the guide to learn how your firm can benefit from a true cloud solution and how LEAP can help your firm remain agile and up to date without comprimising on data security.