​​Create new matters from a template built by you

Steamline your firms workflow with recurring matters

Set repeated data to your recurring matter, so your staff don’t have to do this every time a matter is opened.

Set frequently used third parties to your recurring matters.

Set folders for consistency across all matters, ensuring you and your staff know where to save and find documents quickly.

Select and set documents to be created when the matter is opened, ensuring nothing is overlooked and that everyone in the firm is working in the same way.

Documents are shown as ‘pending’ until created.

Work productively with preconfigured matter types

LEAP provides you with preconfigured matter types, including the fields of information needed to run a typical matter and the precedents typically used within that matter type. With LEAP, you can work more productively knowing that matter type information and precedents are always kept up to date for you by our dedicated content team.

Legal Software - Recurring Matters
Legal Software - Recurring Matters

Save time with recurring matter templates

Recurring matters are LEAP’s solution to efficient workflow – customised and set to the specifications of your firm, allowing you to create a suite of templates for the typical type of matter that your firm creates. These recurring matter templates include standardised matter data, folder structures and documents - acting as a workflow guide so that all your firm’s matters follow a streamlined approach.

Once created, these recurring matter templates can be used by all staff to dramatically reduce the time taken to start a new matter - allowing for the easy training of new staff members and increasing your firm’s standards of efficiency.

Easy identification for future reference

Ensuring that you and your staff are on the same page is essential to your firm’s efficiency and productivity. Recurring matters can be named using a familiar naming convention for quick identification by your staff in the future. Folders can also be set for consistency across all of your matters, ensuring you and your staff are able to both save and find documents quickly.

Legal Software - Recurring Matters

Managing your recurring matters

Streamlining your firm’s processes and managing your recurring matters is easy with LEAP. After you’ve created a recurring matter template, you can create a new matters directly from this template.

Modify your recurring matter templates at any time - whether it’s renaming them or amending the prefilled data. Recurring matter templates can also be conveniently deleted or restored at any time.

Maintaining quality and consistency

By standardising the majority of the work your staff members do, your law firm can set their own standards for what quality looks like and maintain this level of quality across the board - a highly useful tool when inducting new staff members.

As well as maintaining a standard of workflow among your staff, taking advantage of recurring matter templates with standardised matter data, folders and documents significantly reduces the many compliance risks that firms may face.