Legal Document Management

Find documents fast

LEAP automatically saves all versions of your document to the corresponding electronic matter, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. With the ability to pin your most important documents to the top of a matter’s correspondence list, you can easily find important documents.

Synchronised files

Having your matters stored electronically in LEAP enables matter information to be integrated into forms and precedents. This automation ensures you’re consistently providing the correct information across multiple forms - saving time and reducing error.

A more efficient way to manage your files with all of your documents saved to the correct matter.

Document management and your clients

LEAP gives you more control over the documents you share with your clients. Updated in real-time, you have the power to see when clients have viewed or edited documents, and have the ability to revoke access to documents at any time. All documents in LEAP are protected by Amazon Web Services, providing clients with peace of mind that their private matters are safe and secure.