Integration with MYOB and Xero

LEAP makes it easy to follow your client accounting responsibilities so you can look after your client's money safely. You can be confident all your billing activity from recoveries to disbursements will be recorded.

Increase efficiency

The Pre-Billing Guide allows you to print off a report and review before you generate the bill and finalise an Invoice, all in a matter of minutes. The billing tools within LEAP, such as customised billing templates and automatic completion of background bookkeeping entries, makes the process of generating bills easier and helps get the work done faster.

Legal Software - Client Accounting & Billing

With LEAP, you can stay on top of your practice and billing. Track billable hours, manage trust and office accounts, and easily capture all disbursements.

Legal Software - Client Accounting & Billing

Send automatic payment reminders

Stop chasing invoices and set up automated payment reminders for your clients. Customise email and text message reminders to provide a personal touch and enhance your client service. Payment reminders include secure links for clients to pay via your payment portal.

Reduce errors

Using features available to you in LEAP, your firm can limit the amount of billing errors as well as capture all recoveries and disbursements owed to your firm.

Get paid faster

Make it easier for your clients to pay you by creating invoices that directly correspond to their matter. Online payments ware automatically receipted to the corresponding LEAP matter.

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