LEAP Legal Software Integrations - InfoTrack

InfoTrack provides compelling advantages for your day to day searching needs including:

  • Full national service for all Property, Corporate and Personal searches
  • Easy to use system that requires no training
  • Competitive pricing with no upfront or ongoing fees
  • One monthly bill for searches
  • Fully integrated with LEAP to enable data fields to pre-populate, reducing risk of ordering an incorrect search
  • Searches are ordered from LEAP so there is no need to switch between separate systems
  • Searches are automatically saved back into the LEAP matter and stored with related matter correspondence for easy access
  • All disbursements are automatically captured by LEAP, so not only will you never miss out on recouping these disbursement fees, you also save time by eliminating unnecessary data entry.

This add-on is available with LEAP and LEAP Office10

How does InfoTrack work with LEAP?

Integrated searching available between LEAP and InfoTrack allows you to order your searches directly from the Electronic Matter in LEAP without having to re-key any data. The results are then returned into the document management system and automatically debited to the matter ledger.

Find Out More

For more information visit www.infotrack.com.au


True integration gives you immediate access to all your conveyancing tasks meaning you only need a single window and a single login.

Most searches ordered from within LEAP helps you save time, with search fields auto-populated and search results returned directly back to each matter.

All disbursements are automatically returned to LEAP, removing any manual processes of entering cost recoveries.

All relevant documents ordered through InfoTrack are quickly merged into LEAP and are stored for 7 years.

LEAP AddOn - InfoTrack

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