Boab IT is the largest IT provider for law firms in Australia, with over 700 firms across the country.

Boab IT is the largest IT provider for law firms in Australia, with over 750 firms across the country.

With Australian lawyers in mind, Boab IT offers a full range of managed services and devices, including internet, emails, workstations, laptops, phones and printers. The aim is for you to completely forget about your law firm’s IT and focus your valuable time on servicing your clients.

Boab IT has developed ConnectSmart, a growing suite of applications tailor made for LEAP clients:


CallSmart is the latest and most modern way for a law firm to make and manage their calls. Used directly from inside LEAP, all the calls you make are automatically linked to the matter, including:

  • Automatic time and fee recording
  • Add or take notes for each call
  • Notes can be client visible and private
  • Keep track of all your communication in one place

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PrintSmart is a cloud based application connected to your Sharp multi-function printer that allows for large documents to be captured and sent directly to the matter.

  • Automatically allocate costs to the matter for prints, scans and copies
  • Make any scanned content text searchable via optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Scan large documents supporting hundreds of pages
  • Always secure and encrypted

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Boab IT

Boab IT

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