Quick and easy searching

Save time and money when ordering searches from within LEAP via our partner, InfoTrack. Click here for the full list of InfoTrack searches and products available.

True integration

Save time by accessing all commonly ordered searches from within LEAP, with search fields auto-populated. Quickly create a new matter in LEAP using the eCOS ID from InfoTrack. With a two-point verification process (eCOS ID and Title ID), the data returned is always for the correct property.

Discover InfoTrack's Integration

Integrated Legal Searching and Settlements

Auto-populate and order all your searches directly from within the matter, whilst automatically capturing all your cost recoveries in real-time.

e-Conveyancing ready with seamless electronic settlement provider integration!

With the Government’s timeline for complete digital transactions by July 2019, firms are quickly moving to electronic conveyancing. Complete electronic conveyancing is available from within LEAP, including:

VOI > certificates and searches > contract > signing > exchange and electronic settlement.

Faster electronic settlement

  • Create, launch and manage your electronic settlement provider workspaces from within LEAP.
  • Matter information will be auto-completed on creation of the electronic settlement provider workspace.
  • Quickly determine whether the parties to a matter are able to transact electronically.

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