Peta Stewart

Peta Stewart CPC is a modern business that specialises in delivering conveyancing solutions across New South Wales. As the firm’s founder, Peta Stewart understands that buying or selling a residential or commercial property is a big decision and is of significant importance for most people.

“LEAP compliments my business core values of trust, competence and reliability. LEAP does this by having a reliable database with instant support, a safe place to store my client’s information and by their continual progression to have the most advanced technology for my industry.” Peta Stewart, Certified Practising Conveyancer

Maguire Barnes Family Lawyers

Maguire Barnes Family Lawyers utilises LEAP to manage all aspects of their practice, effectively positioning themselves to deliver on their promise of providing fair outcomes for families.

“We have started using LEAP’s instalment plans enabling clients to pay the account by instalments for up to two years. This is creating steady cashflow for situations where I would typically have to wait to be paid until the client has the required funds or rely on ad hoc payments.” Stephen Maguire, Principal, Maguire Barnes Family Lawyers

PGC Legal

LEAP’s integrated legal practice and accounting system along with its vast library of automated documents attracted PGC Legal from the outset.

"LEAP’s integrated accounting and document management system made it the obvious choice for PGC Legal when we first started out." Peter Charatsis, Principal, PGC Legal

Wren & Co Lawyers

Wren & Co effortlessly set up a paperless office and considerably boosted their efficiency with LEAP's Mobile Applications.

“LEAP doesn't just work, it works efficiently.” Kasturi Wren, Director

Advantage Legal

When Advantage Legal started in early 2018, LEAP was a natural fit.

“We canvassed a number of different options and found that the LEAP’s functionality was the best for us and for the expectations of our clients.” Ana Jaglic, Principal

Bourne Lawyers

LEAP's document management and remote access enable Bourne Lawyers to work more efficiently in the office, at home and at court.

"LEAP is practice management, simplified." Simon Bourne

Cate & Co

Premium support and mobile accessibility were key to Cate & Co’s decision to start up with LEAP.

“With LEAP's secure AWS servers, we don’t need to run any paper files. While there is always paper somewhere, we're essentially a paperless office to the extent we can be.” Paul Cate, Solicitor Director, Cate & Co

Harrington Lawyers

Harrington Lawyers found that integrated legal tech is essential when starting a law firm.

“When I began my own law firm I considered the challenges faced previously and found LEAP to be the program that best dealt with those challenges.” George Hayek, CEO, Harrington Lawyers

Feeney Family Law

LEAP allows Feeney Family Law to increase document production without the need for administrative support.

"The most useful cloud features I use include the LEAP Mobile App, LawConnect, and the fact that everything is centralised is a big bonus." Kay Feeney - Director at Feeny Family Law

Peninsula Law

The security provided by LEAP in the Cloud provides Peninsula Law with a more flexible working environment.

"The security provided by LEAP means lawyers no longer need to be in the office to work on cases and they have the flexibility to take a laptop home and complete support work Patricia Samson - Principal at Peninsula Law

Local Lawyers

LEAP's centralised cloud platform enables Local Lawyers to be more organised and work more efficiently.

"The most useful feature with LEAP is the fact that everything we need is on one centralised system" Alex Lawrence - Office Manager at Local Lawyers

Unsworth Legal

Transitioning to a paperless and agile workplace was possible with LEAP.

“Operating in a paperless environment takes some getting used to but you do get used to it and the benefits have really blown us away.” Tim Unsworth - Director, Unsworth Legal

Michelle Richards Freelance Bookkeeper

LEAP’s innovative integration and calculations help bookkeepers generate bills in a quarter of the time compared to older systems.

“LEAP saves an enormous amount of time.” Michelle Richards - Director, Richer Returns