Practice Management Software for Wills & Estates Practitioners



Pre-configured wills and estates Matter Types

LEAP's wills and estates Matter Types have been developed by specialists over the past 20 years. Input screens provide all fields necessary to capture the pertinent information of your matter to generate pre-filled documents.

LEAP includes the following Matter Types: estates general, family provision claims, letters of administration, will annexed, probate, survivorship application, power of attorney and wills for single person, spouses and defacto.

Everything you need to complete matters in wills and estates

  • Wills and estates specific matter type input screens.
  • Forms and letters automatically pre-filled with information entered into the LEAP matter to reduce the chance of error.
  • In-built time recording allows you to automatically record time spent on e-mails, documents and calls.
  • Integration with By Lawyers provides matter plans, precedents and reference materials like 101 Succession Answers.
  • Create your own customised precedents with automated fields.
  • Easily share and access documents or correspondence while out of the office with the LEAP Mobile App.

Automated legal forms

LEAP contains all the legal forms you need to conduct a matter from start to finish. To boost efficiency, forms are automatically populated with the details recorded in your LEAP matter.

LEAP provides over 50 up-to-date legal forms and letters for wills and power of attorney matters in NSW, including Codicils, Statements, Disclaimers and Revocations. More than 180 estate forms are also available in NSW, including applications, affidavits, caveats, guarantees, notices, statements and originating motions.

Accurate time recording

LEAP’s in-built timesheet and time recording tools mean you can start and stop the timer with ease. Automatic time recording allows you to record time spent on creating documents or responding to correspondence without the need for manual entries. Customisable task codes can also be set to assist with the production of consistent and accurate time entries and invoices.