Legal Matter Management

One electronic file for all your client and matter related information.

The electronic matter: Filling out contact cards and forms by hand and storing details in a manila folder are a thing of the past with LEAP. Simply open a new electronic matter, type in your data and save. LEAP will then automatically populate any form or document relevant to your matter with this information. Another advantage of electronic matters is seeing all of your client's details at a glance. You can also see which other matters your client has been involved in, and use our helpful tools to check for conflicts.

Find your matter quickly: Efficiently find your matters within LEAP, using our search function.

All your matter information in one place: Improve collaboration within your team and eliminate duplication by having one matter file. LEAP servers update your data in ‘real-time’ so all your staff have access to the most current information from anywhere, at any time.

Matter types pre-configured to save you time: Save time with pre-configured matter types in all common areas of law. Easily allowing you to merge all of your critical data, directly from your matter.

Automatic saving of Documents/ Forms/ Emails/ Searches to your matter: Keep all matter correspondence, documents, emails, forms, scans and faxes in one place. LEAP automatically saves all your informationso you can easily find, view and access every matter related document on one screen.

Automated Precedents: Create precedents quickly and accurately by merging data directly from your electronic matter into any of LEAP’s extensive range of up-to-date precedents. You can also import your own precedents or modify the ones currently in LEAP.

Manage your matters from the palm of your hand: The LEAP Mobile application enables you to manage all your matters from your smartphone, tablet or ipad.

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